She Only Cums If She’s Treated Rough


I was seeing this chick for awhile that could only jizz if I treated her like a total whore.  There I was trying to be nice and romantic and treat her like a princess but all she wanted was to be treated like a wang ho in bed.  It took me awhile to get used to it but pretty soon I had no problem putting a chain and collar around her neck and spanking that fine butt while I penetrated her. 

Her favorite thing was when she was wearing the chain and collar and a ball gag.  I’d get behind her and giver that chain a good tug as I rammed my dick into her bitch and she’d go wild.  But she wanted it even rougher so I’d smack her butt until it was cherry red and then pull her head back by the hair and ram her butt.  That always did the trick.  Her rump and would contract over my pole as I shoved it deeper inside her and her muff juices would be running down her legs.  I miss that babe but she dumped me for a stud that had a real dungeon in his basement.  I’ll bet u she’s tied up there right now. 

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