Beach Babe is Ready For Fun


My buddy and I were driving down the Interstate last week when we saw this hot petite cunt in a convertible pass by us going about 75 miles per hour. As she flew by she grabbed her bikini top and flashed her nice round boobs at us. Not wanting to miss an opportunity like this we quickly got behind her and sped towards the beach just a few miles away.

Once we turned off of the highway and we neared the water the lil bitch slowed down to let us pass by and this time she tossed us her bathing suit and yelled at us to follow her. We ended up in a secluded petite area and by the time my friend and I had made our way over to her car she was already sliding her fingers deep into her cunt. She was hot, horny, and ready to go. It wasn’t long before my penis was deep in her mouth and my buddy’s man meat was deep into her tight lil asshole. She was insatiable and we spent the rest of the afternoon making sure her every lust was taken care of.

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