Skanks That Do Everything Together

Some babes don’t do anything without their friends and these two chicks are just like that.  They hang out together all the time, watching movies, visiting friends, and yes, sucking wang.  Whatever they do they do it together and this lucky stud – they did him!  They had a amazing time running their sexy lil tongues over his large wang and making him nice and hard so that he could fuck them.

And he fucked them good and hard.  While he was reaming 1 twat the other lady would be masturbating and cheering him on telling him to “fuck her harder, faster, give it to her good!”  And then it would be her turn and she’d have her rump in the air and her pussy spread wide waiting to get her share of puss pounding.  These bitches had a great time but I think he had an even better time.  I know I would if I had two sexy babez like this begging to have their twats stuffed over and over again by my man meat!

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Xxx Bitch


This is one sexy ho and she’s been going all night long. She just can’t get enough. She gives a amazing blow job and she knows just how to take a boner all the way to the back of her throat. Even when she gags she just comes back for more. But what she really likes is a porn fuck. She gets really excited when you pull her hair and she gets more worked up when you slap her rump until it is cherry red. Paddle her muff and you’re likely to induce a screaming orgasm unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There’s just nothing quite like a babe who loves to fuck for the pure joy of fucking. The harder her twat gets pounded the happier this petite skank is. No romance, not gentle foreplay. Just xxx, nasty, raunchy fucking like you’ve never seen it before.

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I met this woman last week at a friend’s place and we hooked up for the night. We had a amazing time fucking and licking and slobbing. Well, this young babe just can’t get enough of it. She likes my boner and I’ve been at her place every single night since then. On my day off of work I spent the whole night and day over there fucking her brains out and she still didn’t want me to leave. She likes it rough, too. When I grab her hair she gets more excited. When I smack her ass while I’m ramming my man meat into her juicy bitch, she comes. And if I shove my prick up her tight backside she cums again! I swear, this teen is multi-orgasmic and the harder I ream all of her holes the harder she finishes! I’d almost say she’s too much for me but hell, I’m sure I can learn to live up to her desires and fuck her as often as she needs it. Either that or I’ll die trying!

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I Love A Slut That Comes With Her Own Dungeon!

rhu5.jpg  My buddy and I went to this fetish party 1 night – just to see what it was like.  And it was the wildest thing I’d ever seen.  There were half nude babes running around and chicks getting their asses paddled and it was very arousing.  I think my weiner was hard all night long.  Then this beautiful blonde babe dressed in a funky outfit came up to me and asked if I’d like to spank her.  She took me off to a corner, raised her skirt and exposed her naked butt cheeks. 

It didn’t take much convincing to get me back to her place!  When I got there she took me down to her dungeon and said she’d do anything I told her to and that I could be as rough with her as I liked.  In fact, the harder and rougher I was the harder she would jizm she said.   

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My Girlfriend Wanted MORE


  My girlfriend is one of those babes that just can’t get enough peen.  She loves to be screwed good and hard at least once a day – more if we can fit it in.  So one day, I suggested to her that maybe we should view if she could handle 2 dudes.  She got this glint in her eye right away so I knew she was totally into it.  She made me tell her how we’d fuck all her holes all night long and how we’d paddle her and she got so excited I had to fuck her again, even though her snatch was still wet from my cum. So one night I invited a buddy over.  I didn’t tell her about it but he knew what was going on.  I started fingering her while we were watching a mov and then he acted like he didn’t know what was going on.  But when I started eating her skank he snuck over and slid his dick down her throat and she sucked it right in.  Before she knew what was happening she was getting seriously banged by 2 hard cocks and she loved every minute of it.  I’ve never seen her jizz so hard before or so many times.  Of course, now she just wants more! 

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She Only Cums If She’s Treated Rough


I was seeing this chick for awhile that could only jizz if I treated her like a total whore.  There I was trying to be nice and romantic and treat her like a princess but all she wanted was to be treated like a wang ho in bed.  It took me awhile to get used to it but pretty soon I had no problem putting a chain and collar around her neck and spanking that fine butt while I penetrated her. 

Her favorite thing was when she was wearing the chain and collar and a ball gag.  I’d get behind her and giver that chain a good tug as I rammed my dick into her bitch and she’d go wild.  But she wanted it even rougher so I’d smack her butt until it was cherry red and then pull her head back by the hair and ram her butt.  That always did the trick.  Her rump and would contract over my pole as I shoved it deeper inside her and her muff juices would be running down her legs.  I miss that babe but she dumped me for a stud that had a real dungeon in his basement.  I’ll bet u she’s tied up there right now. 

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