Sheila Gets Wet from Tickling


I met Sheila on an online dating service because I needed to find someone who had the same fetish as I do – tickling. While I just love to tickle a hot babe, I need her to love to be tickled as well, or else it just doesn’t work for me. I finally got the chance to meet Sheila this past weekend and it turned out to be everything I was hoping for and more.

We talked for a bit about how we first realized what tickling did for us and after a while we were making out like insane. I undressed her as quick as I could because even though my goal was to tickle her like insane I just had to watch those beautiful tits she was hiding under her top. Once we were both undressed I started to stroke my large thick member and used the tip of it to tickle the tiny of her back. Sheila giggled a small but as soon as I took my hands off my cock and started to tickle her back and sides she was going wild. After sliding my hand between her legs I could tell by her wetness that she was really enjoying this. Finally I had found someone to share my foreplay tickle fetish with who actually loved it as much as me!

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Beach Babe is Ready for Anything


After a long day at the office my buddy and I decided that we would start the weekend early by heading to the beach to check out all the sexy babes that had been hanging out there lately. It was about an hours drive from the city but from the scenery we had witnessed all summer long we were well aware it would be worth the drive. Just last week this one dark haired beauty had propositioned us to join her for a threesome and ever since turning her down both my buddy and I had been regretting it.

With high hopes we headed out to the same area where we saw this dark haired beauty and were thrilled to watch that she had taken up space at the same area as last week. As we walked by she flashed her perfect round jugs at us which led us to assume that her offer of a threesome was still available. We noticed her gather her things together behind so we began to walk to the changing rooms to download if she would follow us in. This chick was not nervous at all and soon she was undressing us and taking turns deep throating our rock hard cocks. It wasn’t long before the 2 of us covered her face and tits with our hot loads. The rest of the weekend was spent fucking this lil tart in every position imaginable until she couldn’t take another man meat if her life depended on it.

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Jenn Has a Amazing Way of Saying Thanks


Jenn is 1 hell of a party young babe. She loves to drink hard and play hard and when she’s in the mood she loves to give a amazing hj. Jenn and I were at party 1 night and she wanted to go home so I offered to give her a ride. I walked her up to the porch and she asked how she could thank me. I suggested one of her famous handjobs.

So, she pulls me around to one of the darker corners of the porch and reached inside my jeans. She started working my peen over until I was good and hard. Then she got down on her knees so she had a better angle and did that great twisting move with her hands. It felt so amazing that I could hardly keep from coming. When I finally did she got right in close with her mouth open and kept stroking until she got a face full of stud goo.

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Tickling Tuesday Into Passion


Everybody likes a good laugh but nobody more so than our fresh faced sexy body Tuesday. She spends her weekends at the night spots where comedy is featured and always makes sure to take home a funny stud to have her way with.

Tuesday likes to surprise her men on those weekend nights so she quickly admits her tickling fetish and she never has to ask twice for somebody to tickle her until she can no longer stand it. Tonight she has brought home a well hung dude who is more than willing to get nude and touch Tuesday in all those places that make her laugh until she is out of control.

Once the tickling leads to passion, Tuesday is like a house on fire, burning hot and full of desire. Her men always leave with a smile from ear to ear after a night of hot fucking.

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Beach Babe is Ready For Fun


My buddy and I were driving down the Interstate last week when we saw this hot petite cunt in a convertible pass by us going about 75 miles per hour. As she flew by she grabbed her bikini top and flashed her nice round boobs at us. Not wanting to miss an opportunity like this we quickly got behind her and sped towards the beach just a few miles away.

Once we turned off of the highway and we neared the water the lil bitch slowed down to let us pass by and this time she tossed us her bathing suit and yelled at us to follow her. We ended up in a secluded petite area and by the time my friend and I had made our way over to her car she was already sliding her fingers deep into her cunt. She was hot, horny, and ready to go. It wasn’t long before my penis was deep in her mouth and my buddy’s man meat was deep into her tight lil asshole. She was insatiable and we spent the rest of the afternoon making sure her every lust was taken care of.

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Tobi Gives A Tugjob at a Party


Tobi and her friend Scott are real show offs. They get this kinky thrill out of showing off a tiny bit in front of their friends at parties and then the go into the bathroom and he fucks her brains out! On the weekend I walked into a party and found them in the living room getting warmed up.

They were making out in a corner of the living room and Scott had his hands up her shirt. Slowly that shirt crept up until everyone could download her yummy lil hooters as he pinched her nipples. Then her hand started creeping towards his pants and I knew what was coming next. Sure enough, Scott’s tubby penis came out and she wrapped her petite hand around it and started stroking. Tobi is known for her tugjob skills and I could view why. She worked his wang over good until I thought for sure he was going to cum. But then he stood up, threw her over his shoulder and off they went for some dirty bathroom sex.

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